Unique Pearl Shapes and How They Are Made

Unique Pearl Shapes and How They Are Made

For many, pearls are the classic white and round gemstones commonly seen in jewelry and accessories. 

However, what if we tell you these precious pearls aren’t restricted to round shapes? Or the white color? That there are so many different pearl shapes that are the unsung heroes of the gemstone world?

This blog will explore some unique pearl shapes and how they are made. We hope you’re intrigued enough to keep reading! 

Unique Pearl Shapes

In our previous blog, Different Pearl Types and Their Shapes, we covered 5 available pearl shapes. These are perfectly round, semi-round, button, baroque, and circled baroque shapes. 

Here, we’re going to focus on custom shapes you’ve probably never even heard of in pearls! Let’s do a crash course on what a Freshwater pearl is. 

Freshwater pearls are found in Freshwater Oysters. They are common and most widely found in China. This type of pearl is the most common type available in the market today. 

The reason? They’re affordable, widely available, AND come in different colors! Which is why they are so popular with jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts. 

Freshwater pearls are used to cultivate unique-shaped pearls because they’re mostly cultured pearls, i.e., grown on farms. This provides humans more control when shaping the pearl formed. 

Some unique pearl shapes are squares, stars, and hearts. And yes, these pearls are 100% original! Just because a pearl is cultured does not make it fake.

1. Square Pearls

These pearls are typically 11mm to 12mm in size. Available in natural Freshwater hues like ivory, mauve, and peach. They are also bleached to achieve that classic white pearl color typical of Akoya pearls.

2. Star Pearls

Now, this is a fun shape! A star pearl is available in its natural colors and dyed exotic shades like yellow, blue, and purple. These are approximately 10mm and beyond in size. Understandably, they’re pretty popular! 

3. Heart Pearls 

Another popular shape in Freshwater pearls is the heart! The most common size is 10mm to 11mm, but these pearls can be even bigger. They can be found in common Freshwater colors like peach, pink, and lavender and would be perfect for jewelry!


Freshwater pearls also are not limited to square, star, or heart shapes. Other shapes like coins, diamonds, and button shapes also exist! 

That said, DezLin carries all of these pearls in a wide range of colors. If you can think of the color, we most likely have it. 

There’s a shape for everyone, and you can purchase it exclusively at DezLin. We have one of the most extensive collections of funky and unique-shaped pearls in the US, available in various colors!

How Shaped Pearls Are Made

Now that you know more possibilities for pearls, you must be wondering: how is it even possible to have authentic pearls with these shapes? Well, we’re here to answer that question! 

Farmers mostly use Freshwater oysters to cultivate these unusual shapes. They insert a custom-shaped bead or a carved piece of shell into the oyster. 

If the farmers decide they would like some square pearls, they’d implant the square bead or piece of shell into the oyster and wait for the nacre (nay-ker) to do its thing. 

Nacre, aka Mother of Pearl, does the rest. Layers upon layers of nacre are formed around the bead or piece of shell to create a square pearl. 

A reminder: nacre is the substance that an oyster or a mussel secretes in response to an irritant. Layers of it are hardened to become what we know as pearls. To learn more about nacre, check our blog post: Does Every Oyster Have a Pearl?

You might be thinking: that’s all you have to do? It sounds easy, but getting a pearl with good luster and surface quality is not that simple. As a result, only a few funky shapes are harvested annually. 


If you’re planning to buy some pearls as a gift for your loved ones or for yourself, you should definitely check out these unique shapes!

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