Ultimate Guide on How to Care for Your Pearls

Ultimate Guide on How to Care for Your Pearls

Did you know that pearls can last you a lifetime? That is if they get the proper care.

If you own pearl jewelry and want to keep it glistening and unblemished for a long time, you've come to the right place! We have prepared a guide on how to care for your pearls and keep them shining for years.

Let’s get started.


How to Care for Your Pearls

1. Wear them often!

We know it sounds counterintuitive to wear your pearls more to help them last longer. But pearls benefit when you wear them often because these gemstones absorb the natural oils from your skin, which helps maintain their luster.

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2. Put them on last and off first

Pearls are the earth's natural creation, which also makes them delicate. 

There is a risk the chemicals in your makeup products, and perfumes can damage the surface of the pearl in the long run; these include your lotions and hair products.  

We recommend putting on your pearls once you're ready to go out. This is the golden rule of keeping your pearls fresh and brand-new. Moreover, make sure to remove them first before removing your makeup. 

This tip may not sound like much but trust us, it plays a significant role in the longevity of pearls.


3. Keep away from water

More specifically, keep them away from chlorinated water (i.e., swimming pools) and sometimes the water you use at home. Chlorine damages the pearl strands, causing them to break easily. 

Imagine the horror of your pearl necklace breaking and all the pearls flying off in every direction. You want to avoid that at all costs.


4. Take ‘em off before physical activity

Pearls are delicate and can break while exercising or playing any sport. They have fragile surfaces which can easily be scratched during physical activities. 

Hence, make sure you take them off before any sort of physical activity!


5. Store your pearls carefully

Avoid storing them in a plastic jewelry box/bag as they're made of chemicals that can erode the surface of the pearls if kept in for too long. 

It’s best to store them in silk pouches or wrapped in soft chamois cloth. 


How to Clean Your Pearls

Taking care of your pearls and keeping them clean is essential.

This doesn't mean just dunking them in tap water or cleaning them with abrasive materials. 

The safest way to clean your pearl jewelry is to add a small amount of gentle dishwashing soap or a chemical-free shampoo in a bowl of warm water (that doesn't have chlorine!). Don't keep them in for too long; 10-15 seconds will do. 

If you spot specks of dirt on your pearls, gently rub them away with a soft cloth. Rinse them with room temperature water that’s clean and also chlorine-free. Lastly, leave them out to air dry. 

Caution: Don't use harsh chemicals to clean your pearls, which can damage them.


How To Keep Your Pearls Shiny

If the pearls are cared for thoroughly, they'll maintain their shine for a long time. However, in our busy daily lives, it's common for jewelry to get neglected. 

No need to worry! If your pearls have dimmed, keep them in a humid environment. Moisture from the air is essential for their luster

You can also take your pearls to the jeweler once or twice a year to get them thoroughly cleaned and cared for. 


Parting Thoughts

Pearls require some extra love and care, but we promise the end result is worth it; they last forever. 

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