How DezLin's Product Reveals Work

How DezLin's Product Reveals Work

We all love a good surprise once in a while, don't we? The excitement and the anticipation… Well, that's what DezLin is about! It is a family and US-veteran-owned company that specializes in unique Product Reveals. 

What Exactly Is A Product Reveal?

A Product Reveal is something you buy where you have an idea of what you are getting but don't know exactly what it is. 


Basically, a Product Reveal is a container of some sort that contains a mystery jewelry item inside. Think of a bath bomb but with jewelry inside, an oyster with a pearl inside, a tuna can with jewelry inside, or a candle with jewelry inside… the options are endless!

Lucky for you, DezLin specializes in this! 

DezLin has one of the widest varieties of Product Reveals because we are both the manufacturers and distributors. All our products are handcrafted in our facility located in Lodi, California.

We have Product Reveals such as Oysters, Ring Bombs, Show Cans, Drop It Locket, Smash Rocks, Pendant Bombs, Earring Bombs, Gem Bombs, Charm Drops, Candle Reveals, .925 Mount Bombs, Kid Bombs, and more.

How cool is that?

How DezLin's Product Reveals Work


Order a Product Reveal of your choice from our website. You can choose from Fizzer Bombs, Smash Rocks, Oysters, Candles, Show Cans, and more!


1. For Fizzer Bombs: 

Fill a bowl ½ way with warm water (the water should NOT be hot but warm to the touch, as warm water helps the Fizzer to dissolve quickly and nicely).

Place the Fizzer in the water bowl and wait for it to dissolve while you enjoy the visuals, sounds, and scents! 

Pro-tip: If you have a mesh bag, place the Fizzer inside the mesh bag. This helps to contain the jewelry and makes it easier to pull out of the water.


2. For Smash Rocks:

Put your smash rock on a flat surface, and use a wooden mallet, spatula, or anything that is not metal and will damage the gemstones. Then, carefully start to smash the rock to reveal the gems. 

Pro-tip: Materials / Minerals with a higher rating cannot be "visibly" scratched by materials with a lower rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Since wood and plastic are softer than gemstones, you shouldn't worry about damaging the ge (the more you know!)

3. For Oysters:

Carefully pry open your oyster to reveal your mystery pearls! You can use a butter knife, shucking tool, flathead Phillips, or anything similar. 

Pro-tip: Pearls are very low on the Mohs Hardness scale at around 2.5, which means they are very soft. If you use a metal butter knife, be careful when opening it, as you can scratch the pearl. Also, don't be scared. It's simple. Just don't jam the butter knife in and start prodding away.

4. For Candle Reveals: 

Light up the candle, relish the aromatic burn, and wait for your reveal while you enjoy the lovely scent.

Pro-tip: cut the wick to about 1/4 inch to keep the flame from becoming too large. This goes for all candles, not just ours. As the candle burns, you may need to adjust the wick again. 

5. For Show Cans: 

Place the can on a stable surface and pull open the cover to reveal your mystery items. It's really that simple.

Pro-tip: Don't throw away the can. Keep it to store the jewelry you revealed inside. Just cap it off with the lid, and you are good to go! 

Trust us when we say this, all of these product reveals are like magic! 

Why You Should Get DezLin's Product Reveals 

Remember, when you buy a DezLin Product Reveal, you get an experience AND a quality product. 

Here's why DezLin's Product Reveals are a great choice:

Unique and Thoughtful

DezLin's Product Reveals are more than a gift – they are an experience. They will take your loved ones by surprise, and the exciting reveal process will put a smile on their faces!

Fits Your Budget

If you're looking for a special, beautiful gift that doesn't break the bank, consider DezLin. Our wide range of products has something for everyone at the right price. 

Perfect for Every Occasion

Be it a birthday, congratulatory or anniversary gift, baby or wedding shower, or a kid's birthday party, DezLin's Product Reveals will make the perfect choice for every occasion!

Parting Thoughts

We don’t think we need to say this, but DezLin is the best choice for unique and creative product reveals. Check out our wide collection here.

Want more good news? We ship the very same day, so you can get your order in time for your special occasion! Isn’t that awesome?

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