5 Reasons to Buy Cubic Zirconia Rings

5 Reasons to Buy Cubic Zirconia Rings

Marilyn Monroe said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and we’ve all wanted to own a shiny diamond at one point in our lives. But what stops most people from buying diamonds? Well, the steep price point, of course. 

What if we said there is a similar-looking gem out there you can buy without breaking the bank? Yes, that’s right!

That beauty is a Cubic Zirconia. 

What Exactly Is Cubic Zirconia?

Most people have heard of the name Cubic Zirconia, but don’t know what it actually is made of. There is a misconception Cubic Zirconia is junky and fake, but that is just a perception. 

Cubic zirconia is a gemstone that is lab grown. It has a cubic crystalline structure that’s the same as diamonds, hence why the two look pretty similar. Out of all types of natural and lab-created gemstones, Cubic zirconia resembles a diamond the closest; hence why it’s mainly used as a diamond simulant.

Since its debut into the fashion world in 1978, Cubic Zirconia has taken the world by storm, and cubic zirconia engagement rings have steadily risen in popularity. 

Why Cubic Zirconia Rings Are An Excellent Choice

1. Cost-Effective

Perhaps the biggest attraction for buying a cubic zirconia ring is its look is shockingly similar to its diamond counterpart but way more affordable!s 

Cubic zirconia rings are on the lower end of the price spectrum because they’re mass-produced, synthetic stones. For example, a one-carat cubic zirconia costs around $20, and a one-carat diamond around $1,800. 

See the difference? It’s enormous! 

The varied prices of cubic zirconia rings depend on the material of their bands. Rings with finer-quality bands range between $30-$150.

Since most companies’ cubic zirconia stones tend to lose their luster after a couple of years, it’s best to replace the rings instead of going for the finer quality bands. It depends entirely on your preference, feasibility, and the company you purchase from!

If purchasing from a fizzer reveal company, make sure they are reputable. A good guesstimate is about 90-something percent of companies have poor manufacturing processes. They tend to have terrible reviews about their jewelry turning green the next day and much more. 

In contrast, DezLin has almost all 5-star ratings, and every review talks about our high-quality products. Check out our collection here!

2. Easy to Replace

Rings are easy to misplace and lose, and if it’s expensive, the heartbreak that comes with them can be pretty painful. Not everyone can easily replace their jewelry at any time. 

Suppose you’ve been looking into treating yourself to a new ring but are somewhat careless in handling them. In that case, cubic zirconia rings are the answer.

As we’ve told you, they’re inexpensive and, therefore, easy to replace should you misplace or lose them. 

These days, many more people are opting for cubic zirconia engagement rings precisely because of the ease of replacement, should the need arise. 

3. Perfectly Colorless

Pure and colorless gemstones are painstakingly rare and, understandably, highly valued. Even most diamonds are not the pure, clear, sparkly stones we see in movies. 

In fact, most diamonds have colored undertones to them! But that’s not the case with cubic zirconia rings. This is because cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone. It shines bright and clear even under the lowest of lights. 

So if you want to flaunt a shiny white stone, cubic zirconia rings are a perfect choice.

4. Easy to Maintain

If you’re looking to buy a new shiny ring but have a busy lifestyle and cannot follow an extensive maintenance regime for your jewelry? Well, Cubic Zirconia is here to the rescue.

Cubic zirconia rings are easy to clean, care for, and will maintain their “like brand-new” quality. All you need is to have it checked by a professional jeweler twice a year. 

Now, that doesn’t sound so demanding.

While Cubic Zirconia may lose its luster after two years or so, with care and attention, it can last for a considerable time. 

The fact that they’re so cheap means you can quickly go out and buy another if you think your rings are not as shiny as before. Convenient, right? 

5. Ideal For Traveling With

Owning a diamond ring might be a dream of every jewelry lover, but having such an expensive stone comes with its share of worries. What if it’s stolen? What if we misplace it? 

This is where cubic zirconia shines! It’s affordable and readily available in the market, making it easier to wear in public without worrying about theft, dropping it, etc.

If you’re a working professional or go out quite often, you should opt for a cubic zirconia ring. It also makes for a perfect traveling partner, keeping in mind its adaptability to day and night occasions and easy maintenance. 

The Bottom Line

To summarize, cubic zirconia rings are stunning yet affordable jewelry pieces that are widely available, are easy to maintain and replace, and are perfect for every occasion!

Make sure you buy your cubic zirconia rings from a trusted vendor like DezLin.com. 

DezLin is a family and US veteran-owned business that has a vast collection of cubic zirconia rings, and innovative product reveals. Our products make a perfect gift for your loved ones or even you (if you want to treat yourself!). 

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