5 Easy Ways to Make A Fashion Statement

5 Easy Ways to Make A Fashion Statement

It's true what they say: fashion is subjective. 

We all have our personal style that we're comfortable with; some like pastel hues in their outfits, while others prefer sporting a bold red. However, everyone should step out of their comfort zones once in a while to try something new. This could be a new hair color, different shoes, brighter clothes, etc. 

If you've been meaning to try something new, you're in the right place!

We've got some ideas on how you can spruce up your style. You can adapt them according to your preferences. Whether you want a subtle change or to make a statement with your fit, we've got you covered!

How to Make A Style Statement

1. Accessorize! 

Accessories can add life to any look. It's that magical ingredient that makes your look 10x better!

Picture this: an all-black outfit might look simple, but accessories will take this look to a new level. 

When it comes to accessories, there's so much out there. For now, we'll focus on jewelry.  

Do you want to dress up for a work meeting? Throw on white pearl earrings, and you're good to go. If you're going for an elegant look, get some dainty white pearl necklaces. They're perfect for every occasion! 

Looking for an accessory that goes well with your evening dress? Cubic zirconia rings to the rescue!

This may seem like "duh," but so many people never accessorize. You gotta wear bracelets, rings, pearls, earrings, and anything else that will accessorize your outfit. 

Here at DezLin, we offer various pearl jewelry and cubic zirconia rings in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. We have a little something for everyone!

2. Explore New Colors

We usually stick to a few colors in our wardrobes and don't try other colors. Well, now is the time to do that!

If you've been wearing pastels or dark colors till now, this is a chance to add some brightness to your style. 

The first step is to figure out which colors complement you! We've all heard people say, "oh, this color looks great on you!" at least once.

It's good to explore different shades of one color; maroon might look more flattering than a bright red! Or a mustard yellow instead of pastel yellow. 

The most important thing about this is to "TRY" color. Add colorful accessories as well! So many stick to neutral colors. Don't be shy. Be BOLD! 

3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 

For most of us, comfort outweighs style. We like to throw on a pair of jeans and a simple tee and head out. Nothing wrong with that! But...if you want to spruce up your wardrobe, try adding a few fun dresses and quirky-style pants to the mix? 

There are many options to choose from! If it's summer, you can wear airy summer dresses that completely match the season's vibe! 

We're not telling you that you must let go of your jeans! Add new styles to your collection: boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, a bootcut style, a slouch style, and so much more. 

Even little changes like that can make a whole new style for you! So try some color, accessories, and a new style combo!

4. Get a Flashy Handbag

Handbags aren't just practical; they will also spruce up your outfit and look.

The best part about handbags is that there's so much variety. Bags are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can pick one that suits your style. 

If you're feeling funky, check out our Luminous Flash Bags and Purses! They're so incredible. They change colors under the sun and with the phone's flashlights turned on. 

With your new accessories, flashy colors, new outfits, and stylish bags, you'll turn heads and become the center of attention wherever you go!

5. Change Your Shoes!

Last but certainly not least. Shoes!

Shoes have the power to make or break a look. In fact, most people notice your shoes before your outfit or makeup. So, to leave a lasting first impression, you gotta focus on your shoes!

Consider adding new styles and colors to your shoe collection. For example, nude shades are classy but can sometimes be too plain or boring. How about a monochromatic black outfit with a pair of red flats? Now, that's a stunning look with a twist right there!

The important thing with shoes when dressing for style is to remember they are not there for comfort. Have fun with the styles and colors. Don't be embarrassed. No matter what happens, it will be a conversation starter! Own it!

The Bottom Line

That's it from our end! We hope this article helps spruce up your style and stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

Have any other tips in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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