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Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls

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    WHAT IS A RAINBOW MONSTER?-----A RAINBOW Monster is an oversized freshwater oyster shell larger and thicker than your hand and sometimes the size of your head. When you open the shell you will find real cultured natural freshwater pearls embedded in the meat of the oyster that you pick, pluck, and squeeze out. Also you will find colorful dyed pearls inside. These are inserted at the farm. They are real. Just bright and colorful. To show off your pearls we suggest purchasing a Glass Locket or Cage Pendant.

  • •1 Oversized Shell with guaranteed 15 Embedded Natural Pearls (Each oyster typically has 20-40 pearls)
  • • Grade 4A 6-8mm Freshwater Round Colorful Pearls in the quantity purchased
  • Photos show samples of pearls inside. After opening simply wash them with Dawn soap and to sparkle them up use some coconut oil and or mineral oil
  • ARE THE PEARLS REAL?-----YES! All pearls are 100% real, whether dyed or natural.

    CAN I KEEP THE SHELL?-----Absolutely!!! If opened live we can ship it home. If you have it sent home, well, it's already at home with you!

    JEWELRY AND MOUNT ADDONS-----If you would like to add jewelry for your pearls we have many options. Please take a look around our website or message us for suggestions. You can always purchase at a later date. However, if you would like to have your pearls drilled and mounted to jewelry, this must be done before we ship the product.

    NATURAL PEARLS PROBABILITIES-----Every oyster is guaranteed 15 natural pearls, however, most oysters have 20-40 pearls. The quality of each pearl will be natural, meaning there is a wide variety of sizes and shapes ranging from 2-15mm pearls. This is normal. Small pearls are perfect for putting inside the free glass locket we provide. Any pearls larger than this can be used for mounting, cage pendants, and displaying. Please note that you are paying to receive a wide range of sizes and shapes at a steeply discounted price. Paying for the exact size of a pearl is more costly. The pearls can have spots on them and be brownish is some areas as these are natural pearls. The shell can infuse to the pearl. If the oyster is opened, there are zero refunds. Pleaser review photos of pearls so you understand what you could potentially be receiving. We have no control over the quality of each pearl. If you would like a more quality controlled pearl we offer those as well. 

    FRESHWATER COLORFUL PEARL PROBABILITIES-----Every oyster is guaranteed to receive the quantity of grade of pearls purchased. The quality of the pearls will be Grade 4A 6-8mm Freshwater Round Colorful Pearls.


    HOW TO LEARN MORE-----Read our blogs on our website to learn how pearls are dyed, pearls get into an oyster, and so much more.

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    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls
    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls
    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls
    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls
    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls
    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls
    Rainbow Monster with Colorful Pearls and 20-40 Natural Pearls


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