Own a business? Grow it with DezLin

Own a business?
Grow it with DezLin

100's of Products Ready to Ship
Same-Day Everyday

100's of Products Ready to Ship Same-Day Everyday

100's of Products Ready to Ship Same-Day Everyday


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Advantages to
DezLin Wholesale

Advantages to
DezLin Wholesale

Same-Day Shipping

Orders received before 3 p.m. PST typically ship the same day from, depending on the items ordered and arrives in approx. 1-3 business days. Our fast shipping allows you to oversell shows, attend last-minute events, and push pre-orders for upcoming shows, ensuring your business stays stocked and ready.

One Supplier, Not Countless

One Supplier,
Not Countless

Stop managing multiple suppliers from around the world. Say goodbye to language barriers, tracking multiple shipments, and dealing with customs delays. DezLin has everything you need for your product reveals, right here in the USA. Simplify your supply chain with us and focus on growing your business.

Stress Free Ordering

If you ever encounter an issue, we work with you to resolve it promptly. Unlike other companies, we never ignore you. We have live chat, Facebook Messenger, or phone. With DezLin, you’ll never have unresolved disputes.


Same-Day Shipping

We will ship product directly to YOUR customer, with YOUR return address so it looks like its coming from you. No fees and no minimums. Get product to your customers faster then ever. 

Monthly Live Giveaways

Every month the owners live stream a private Monthly Client Appreciation Giveaway. There are Gift Bag giveaways, Mystery Box giveaways, and even Live Viewer giveaways just for showing up. Some months there are special prizes like Coach Purses or similar. It's our way of showing our appreciation for you trusting your business with us.

Custom Jewelry Made To Order

Custom Jewelry
Made To Order

We specialize in crafting custom jewelry pieces tailored to your specifications with low minimum orders, starting at around 30 pieces. Send a simple drawing or picture and let us bring your unique vision to life with our skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. We can have your company name lasered on it.


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Choose DezLin?

Why Choose DezLin?


No longer worry about surprise shipping fees, custom fees, or transaction fees from websites. What you see is what you pay.


Don't get stuck buying 20 of one item and only being able to sell 2. Buy 1 or 20 from us.


DezLin is always friendly, courteous, and responds quickly to messages and concerns. 


DezLin is not an MLM or consultant company. We have no membership fees. You sell the product at the price point you want.


PayPal, Stripe, Multiple BuyNowPayLater's and NET30 for qualified buyers.
Coming Soon....
Monthly Payment Options.


DezLin adds wow moments to all of our Product Reveals like: Double Jewelry, Gemstones, Pearls, Edisons, Diamond Jewelry and more.


Simply log into your account and process your return. tap to read full details



Freely use DezLin's images descriptions to help presale or to sell your product.

Welcome Video

Free Services, Our Products, How Pricing Works, Shipping and Ordering, and answers to questions you didn't realize you have.



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Wholesale Customer Testimonials

My sister and I feel so lucky to have found Linda and Marc at Dezlin! Without them, our small business would not be thriving! Not only does Linda respond within minutes, but she goes above and beyond to help out with any specific order requests. Their product is high quality which makes us confident in what we are selling to our customers. Dezlin feels like extended family and a partner in our business and we could not be more thankful for them!!All reactions:11

Rocky Mountain Pearls (Natalie Charleston)

Working with DezLin has been an absolute game-changer for my pearl consulting business. Their seamless support and quality products made it incredibly easy to source items and manage my network of 20+ consultants without having to deal with overseas. I no longer stay up late at night or deal with customs Without their exceptional service, I wouldn't have been able to achieve the success I have today. I highly recommend DezLin to anyone looking to elevate their consultant or business in general.

Awe Shucks LLC Founder & Shucking With Amy (Amy Marie)

I recommend DezLin Product Reveals. I just started with them and love everything I have received. The quality of the product is amazing and shipping is fast.

Belle and Bling (Sharon Segovia)

DezLin is an amazing company with incredible products. They care for their customers and are always willing to help. I love how they keep their prices low to help small businesses starting out. Not only do they care about their customers, they are always looking for ways to improve themselves and their products as well. They pay attention to customers and make improvements based on the feedback they receive. They have extravagant products that come in unbelievable quality for a super low price. You can’t find quality this high for a price so low anywhere else. I will certainly continue my business with them. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a wholesale supplier!!!

Midnight Moon Crochet (Mariah Mauro)

I can’t say enough good about this company. Never before have I had such personalized attention to find, purchase, and have products delivered. The customer service is outstanding and the merchandise quality is absolutely amazing! The fact that they are a veteran owned business is why I decided to give them a try- but the customer service, attention to detail, merchandise quality, and friendship I’ve come to find are what kept me here. Thank you Linda and Marc for unforgettable shopping experiences!

The Shuck and Fizz Boutique (Tamara Lieber)

Thankful to have come across DezLin! I am a first time small business owner and they are extremely helpful! Super fast shipping and responsive to questions. Love all of their products and enjoy doing business with them.

Ohana Love (Annette Fuentes)

I have been workin with Linda and Marc for well over a year now and love how respectable their company is. I can have open conversations where they listen to my needs for my customers. The products I can purchase through DezLin are extremely high quality and they always work with me to quickly ship out orders. They don’t let just anyone in (our customers for example) which is important to a wholesale client like myself. They respect how hard we work to build our client base. Linda and Marc are great and always lookin to make it better for their clients. I truly appreciate them!

Elegant Mermaid Gifts By Shirley (Shirley Gauger

Super recomendado. Muy dispuestos a complacer a sus clientes, los productos tienen muy buena calidad. El envío es rapidísimo. Genial

Pearls on Fire with Marie (Mariset Santiesteban)

Great people to work with and support as they support you and your business!

Crafted by Cayla (Cayla Washburn)

Absolutely great products and exceptional customer service.

The Rustic Cattle Boutique (Alicia Peacock)

I love every item they have! they are fast at sending your order and make sure it's packed with care! sometimes they toss in a surprise here and there!!!

Angelica Heavenly Treasure (Amanda Price)

They are always quick to respond and make every effort to fix any issues that arise. When I had a shipment that got lost they reshipped it to me. Then I was supposed to send back the lost shipment but I ended up keeping both orders since I needed the product anyways. Thanks Linda and Marc.

Mermazing Creations (Courtney Contreras)