Return / Refund Policies

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Our Easy Peasy 15/60 Day Return Policy makes it easy to shop DezLin worry-free. If you have an issue, contact us, we will work to make it right. 
Return/Refund Policy Highlights
      15 Days from the date of delivery you can return for any reason and receive a refund back how you paid.
      60 Days from the purchase date you can return for any reason and receive store credit.
      15 Days from the purchase date if there are any defects contact us and we will work with you.
      No restocking fees
      We provide a shipping label making it easy to print, pack, and ship
      All Refunds processed within 24 Business Hours of receiving returned package
      Simply login to your account > find your order > pick the product > submit 

Read below for full details
15 Day Return Policy From Date of Delivery
Return products for any reason within 15 days from the date of delivery and we provide the shipping label making it easy to print, pack, and ship. It's that easy. All we ask is that when you process your return you let us know the REAL reason for the return. No sugar coating. This way we can improve our products and services. Of course, product needs to be in new condition. This doesn't mean you can't wear something and try it out, but if its damaged and looks beat up there would be a fee charged. 

Read below on how to return a product.
15 Days Defective Guarantee
If you believe a product is defective, contact us. If the product is determined to be defective within 15 days, we’ll make it right by one of the following: 1)Send a replacement, 2) Replace the product with a comparable item if we are unable to match the item, 3) and/or Issue a refund.
16-60 Days Return from Date of Delivery
Same rules apply from the 15 day policy EXCEPT you will receive DezLin Store Credit.
Past 60 days
An item cannot be returned for a refund or exchange. A DezLin Store Credit may be issued depending on the situation. Contact us and we can see.

Read below on how to return a product.
Restocking Fee

There are no restocking fees.
Products Opened Live or Scooped Live
If products are opened, shucked, fizzed, drilled, or scooped live and a return is processed, there would be a 10% entertainment fee applied and Store Credit Issued. Please understand this is a nominal fee as we spent time entertaining and the product is no longer usable and/or in a sellable condition. Additionally, we don't know of any other company that provides this as an option. We really try to take care of you :-)

If you believe a product to be defective, please message us.

As always, we will always work with you to make things right, so message us with any concerns, or issues as soon as possible. 
Personalized/Customized Items

If a personalized or customized item is returned Store credit will be applied even if the product is returned within the 15 day return period. If the product is defective you may receive a full refund or a new product, please contact us so we can take care of you. 

Examples of Personalized/Customized items include: Oysters, Fizzers, Scoops, and similar items where they are handmade and the customer or host opens them. 

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are refundable within 7 days. We are unable to replace if stolen. If lost, the email containing the gift card message us and we can resend it.
DezLin products purchased through sellers/vendors are not covered by any of our policies. You will need to contact the seller you purchased from.
Bundles, Sets, Kits, or Similar
Bundles, sets, and kits must be returned with all components in order to receive a full refund. Partial refund will be applied for damaged or missing items.

How to Return Product
     1) Login to your account > TAP HERE
     2) Find Order >
     3) Tap "Request Return" >
     4) Pick Products >
     5) Provide the "REAL" reason (We want to know the real reason so we can improve our products and service. If you hated it tell us but please tell us why and how to improve) >
     6) Submit
     7) We will review the request and approve within 24-72 business hours. 
     8) We will send you a shipping label
     9) Pack and Label your package
     10) Drop it off
     11) Once received we will process within 24 business hours
Timeline to Process Returns/Refunds

We aim to process returns within 24 business hours of receiving returns during our office hours.

You will receive a full refund minus shipping costs back to us. 
Return Lost in Transit

We would be unable to process a refund if the shipment is lost before getting to us. This is not because we are heartless or do not care, it is because we would be unable to verify if the package contained the products. HOWEVER, you can contact the shipper and they should refund the shipping cost and cost of the product. This isn't something we have had issues with really, but we do need to mention it. 
Damaged Returns
If a product is damaged in transit there will be a fee dependent upon damage. Ensure the package is properly packed. Please do not throw it in a bag and ship without protection. When packing, imagine you are shipping it to a friend/spouse/or family member. This isn't something we have had issues with really, but we do need to mention it. 
Return Address if needed:
ATTN: Returns DezLin Reveals
623 East Oak St
Unit A
Lodi Ca 95240

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