The Ultimate Guide to Buying Pearl Jewelry

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Pearl Jewelry

There are many precious jewels in the world, but pearls are an unrivaled gemstone with their classic beauty. They are revered for their uniqueness and are poetically described as ‘Teardrops of the Moon.’

Pearls come in different shapes and types, and selecting the perfect one for yourself, or a loved one is not to be taken lightly! 

But no need to fret. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you buy pearl jewelry to match your tastes and styles.

How To Buy Pearl Jewelry

When it comes to pearl jewelry, there are specific steps you can follow in choosing the right one, which we’ve discussed below.

But first, let’s talk about the different types of pearls used to make pearl jewelry.

Natural Pearls vs. Cultured Pearls

There are two types of pearls: natural pearls and cultured pearls. 

The essential difference is natural pearls grow in the wild without human intervention. In contrast, cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms and directly result from human intervention.

You’ll mostly find cultured pearls in the jewelry market, as naturally grown pearls are rare.

There are five types of cultured pearls: Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater, South Sea, and Sea of Cortez. These pearl types vary in color, size, and price, which brings us to the first step towards buying pearl jewelry…

Step 1: Set Your Budget

Buying pearl jewelry is an investment with attractive and stylish benefits. 

The five types of pearl varieties vary in price points, so your first step is to determine how much you are willing to spend on the pearl necklace, earrings, etc., you’ve been dreaming about. 

The prices of cultured pearls can start from as low as a few dollars and go over $150,000, depending on the type, size, color, and nacre quality. So, you can find a pearl in almost every range!

Ask yourself this: do you want to wear pearl jewelry on a few occasions or get extended wear out of them? 

If you want to wear them regularly, it’s better to go for low-priced pearls (they will still be authentic pearls, don’t worry about that! Just more affordable). However, investing in expensive ones is better if you’re a jewelry enthusiast and live a lavish lifestyle. 

So, if you’ve been on the fence about buying pearl jewelry and don’t know where to start, start by setting a budget for yourself! 

Step 2: Choose the Right Type of Pearls

Once you know your budget, you can choose the type of pearls accordingly. If you’re confused about choosing, we’re here to help! 

Do you want to buy the classic white Akoya pearls or stand out in the crowd with black Tahitian pearls? Let’s start from there!

Freshwater vs. Saltwater Pearls

There are freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. The primary difference is that your pearl jewelry made from freshwater pearls will last longer, and you can find an array of colors and sizes available to your liking.

As you already know by now, pearls come in different types and colors. For example, Akoya pearls are classic, and chances are that the pearl necklace you’ve been eyeing for so long is made from Akoya pearls! 

They’re most commonly used in pearl jewelry because they’re round in shape and have a high luster. They usually come in neutral colors like white and grey with undertones of pink, silver, and green. 

As we said, if you want to stand out, go for Tahitian pearls! These magnificent pearls come in the richest shades of green, iridescent peacock, and black. Their natural dark colors and glistening surfaces have made them some of the most expensive and sought-after gemstones. 

Last but not least, the South Sea pearls! There are Golden South Sea pearls that are considered extremely valuable as they come from the famous gold-lipped oysters. The mesmerizing golden color is its best-selling point! 

White South Sea pearls are quite rare and favored by designers and pearl enthusiasts all around the world! South Sea pearls are big in size and have a luxurious luster to them.

That’s not all! You can even find dyed pearls in your favorite colors, like yellow, dark blue, and more. 

Know which color and type of pearl you want? Congrats, you are one more step closer to buying the perfect pearl jewelry!

Step 3: Choose the Right Pearl Size

The next step is to identify which pearl size you want or like.

Some people prefer the minimalistic look of a pearl necklace made from smaller pearls, while others like their beloved jewels to be the center of attention. 

While we’re on the topic: bigger pearls don’t always mean they’re more valuable. 

To play it safe, you should opt for the most common pearl size, around 7.0mm to 8.0mm. Pearl earrings and necklaces in this size range are considered quite versatile. They can be worn during the day, at your workplace, and in the evening when you’re heading for a night out with family and friends. 

The popular choices for small, minimalistic pearls are the Akoya and Freshwater pearls.

However, while we discussed convenience here, let’s talk about those of you who want the luxurious experience of pearl jewelry. The size range for bigger, luxurious-looking pearls is around 9.0mm to 15.0mm. 

Bigger pearls are perfect for you if you like to make a statement with your pearl jewelry. Such jewelry is usually made using Tahitian and South Sea pearls. 

Step 4: Understand the Value Factors 

So far, we’ve discussed the different types of pearls, their colors, and the sizes used to make pearl jewelry. However, suppose you’re looking to invest in pricey pearl jewelry. In that case, it’s crucial to understand a few factors that decide the value of a pearl. 

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), pearls have 7 value factors: color, shape, size, luster, surface and nacre quality, and finally, matching. If you scroll up, you can find detailed information on different pearl colors and sizes, so let’s talk about the shape of a pearl. 

Perfectly-round pearls are of the highest value. If you’re going for perfection, you can look into saltwater pearls like Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. 

However, the most important value factor is the luster of a pearl, i.e., how shiny and reflective a pearl is. Akoya pearls are known to be the most lustrous of the given types and are described as ‘mirror-sharp.’ 

The surface quality of a pearl is also a determining factor when it comes to value. Many pearls have bumps, scratches, and blemishes on them as they’re naturally made. It’s rare to find a perfectly smooth natural pearl. Pearl jewelry made with the least imperfections will be higher in value and, therefore, more expensive (might be surprising, I know).

Now, what is nacre? In simple words, pearls are made from a substance known as nacre. Thick nacre pearls are most valuable as they glisten in their looks and last you a long time. If the pearl jewelry you are eyeing appears chalky and dull, it’s better to look for options if you want long-lasting pearl jewelry!

Finally, that brings us to matching pearls. As we discussed in this guide, pearls come from nature, meaning no two are identical. So, if you’re buying a pearl necklace, check if the pearls are similar in shape, size, and luster. The closer they are to being identical, the higher in value and more expensive they will be. 

Step 5: Find a Trusted Vendor 

You might think that you’ve crossed all the hurdles and are now prepared to go out and buy pearl jewelry, but one question remains: where are you buying your pearls from? 

As it’s quite an investment, make sure you’re buying from a trusted vendor. Check to ensure they have GIA-certified staff and have a reputable business

Make sure to stay away from companies with bad reputations. You can check the Better Business Bureau, their Google and Facebook reviews, and read through the comments section of their postings to see how people talk about them. 

You can even google search their name with the word scam like this “<BUSINESS NAME> SCAM.”

Opt for companies that have a good reputation and plenty of reviews, like DezLin.

DezLin is a family-owned and veteran-owned business specializing in pearl jewelry and product reveals. We offer an extensive variety of pearls creatively packed inside oyster shells, fizzers that dissolve in water, and cute packages that put a smile on your face when you receive your order! We are located in Lodi, California, and ship same-day globally.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality cultured pearls online at the best prices, look no further than DezLin!

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