DezLin's Valentine's Day 2023 Live Show

DezLin's Valentine's Day 2023 Live Show

Valentine's Day... an exciting day anticipated by many! And a stressful day dreaded by most.

We realize selecting the perfect gift for your partner is a struggle many go through. If you relate to this, you've come to the right place! 

This Valentine's Day, don't just give them a gift. Gift them a unique experience with DezLin. And you don't even have to leave your home. You can do this from anywhere in the world!


What's a DezLin Live Show?

It is a product reveal show performed live where your products are revealed. You must be thinking, “Why the heck would I want someone else to open my package?!”

Because we do more than open your product. It is entertaining and engaging. While your gift is being revealed, it's all about you and your product. That time is yours.

You can also open it at home. Anything we sell, you can have the pleasure of opening yourself. Something most reveal companies do not allow.

This is a totally unique and exciting experience. 

Once we are done revealing, we will ship your order on the SAME DAY! You might be thinking, “But it's too late… The product won't get to me before the holiday.” Don't fret...that's the whole point of the Valentine's Day show! 


How To Order For A Valentine's Day Show

Curious about how to arrange a Valentine's Day Live Show for your significant other? Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Place an order a day before or on Valentine's Day. When you select the product, there will be an option that says you can choose to reveal your product through DezLin TikTok.

Step 2: Schedule a time for your product reveals. The link to the schedule is located on our TikTok profile page. Just tap on the profile link. If you don't see it, message us using our CONTACT US, and we will help you. Make sure the time chosen is when you and your partner are both free.

Step 3: Tune in a few minutes before your scheduled time and then watch as we reveal your chosen product to your significant other. Their reaction is something you definitely don't want to miss!

After the show, we will ship your product out, and you should get it within 2-5 business days, depending on your location in the US. If you are international, allow more time for delivery. 

P.S: Make sure you follow us on TikTok!


Why Choose DezLin for Valentine's Day 2023

Here's why DezLin should be your top choice this Valentine's Day:

  • Our product reveals aren't just gifts – they're a whole experience that will put the cutest smile on your significant other's face!
  • They're also very affordable, so you don't have to break the bank! That is because we are the source and direct manufacturer. 
  • We have a large variety of product reveals with something that fits every budget.
  • DezLin's product reveals are perfect for every occasion! From anniversaries to birthdays and other special occasions, we got you covered.


DezLin is a family and veteran-owned business based in Lodi, California. We sell a wide variety of creative product reveals and much more with same-day shipping globally!

We at DezLin make our products with the utmost love and care for all of you, and we hope that you love them as much as we do.  

Check out our collection on our website and shop your favorites.

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