What Are Edison Pearls and Are They Worth Your Money?

What Are Edison Pearls and Are They Worth Your Money?

There is a lot to consider when shopping for pearls. 

The sheer variety of pearls on the market is daunting. Before reading this, if you want a quick breakdown, we discussed the varieties in our previous blog post, Different Types of Pearls and Their Shapes.

A quick overview: the most common types of pearls are Akoya pearls, Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, and Sea of Cortez pearls.

However, the type of pearls we will discuss in this blog post is nothing short of a breakthrough...Edison pearls!

What the heck are Edison pearls? Did Thomas Edison invent them? Well, not really - but they're still pretty interesting.


What Are Edison Pearls?

It's only been a few years since Edison pearls first appeared in the market, so it's understandable if you have not heard of them. Well, it's time to familiarize yourself with this new sensation. 

Edison pearls are cultured pearls grown in Freshwater mussels and stand out for being massive and high in luster, which is untypical for Freshwater pearls. 

These pearls are the achievement of a brother-sister duo: Weijian Zhan and Weiyu Zhan. After 12 years of extensive research and a big budget, Edison pearls were cultivated. 

The creators of Edison pearl used bead nucleating to achieve the round shape. This is why one bead is inserted per mussel, compared to Freshwater pearls that can produce up to 50 pearls per harvest. Yes, an actual bead is inserted!

Wait...so what type of pearl is an Edison? In simple words, they are freshwater pearls with saltwater pearl-like qualities. Keep reading, and you'll see what we mean.  


Are Edison Pearls Worth The Money? 

If you're in the market for valuable pearls, are Edison pearls a good option? The answer is yes!

Here’s why:

Massive Size

Traditionally, South Sea and Tahitian pearls have been popular for having large pearl sizes, but Edison pearls have quickly overtaken this category. 

Large Freshwater pearls are rare to find naturally, but Edison pearls have set a new record by having a size range of up to 13mm and beyond. 

South sea pearls are the only larger pearls commercially harvested. Due to their rarity and difficult growing conditions, they're high in value. 

With Edison pearls, you get large, statement pearls at a fraction of the price. This ultimately makes these new gemstones one of our top choices for pearl jewelry! 


Perfectly Round Shape

Edison pearls are typically not perfectly round. They can have slight dimples and oblong shapes.

High-value Edisons are perfectly round, with no dimples, which is one of the determining factors of a pearl's value. 


High Luster

If you’ve read our blog post, How to Grade the Quality of a Pearl, you might already be familiar with the importance of the luster of a pearl. 

Quick lesson: luster refers to the 'shininess' of a pearl, i.e., its reflectivity. For example, you can see your whole face in a highly-lustrous Akoya pearl. 

Freshwater pearls usually have a fuzzy surface or more of a sheen instead of shine. But surprisingly, even though Edison pearls come from Freshwater mussels, they are known for their high luster and blemish-free surfaces. This makes them quite popular in the world of pearls.

Some high-valued pearls, like Akoya and the expensive South Sea pearls, have a high luster, accounting for their higher prices. 

If you're looking for shiny pearl jewelry that's easy to spot from across the room without breaking the bank, Edison pearls are your perfect match. 


Unique Colors

Freshwater pearls offer more variety in terms of color than saltwater Akoya, but there’s a limit to the colors that occur naturally. 

Natural-colored Edison pearls can produce colors previously thought impossible in natural pearls; plum and aubergine-purple! Edison pearls also come in traditional white, peach, pink, lavender, metallic, and gold.

If traditional white bores you, Edison pearls will catch your attention. 


Affordable Prices

Edison pearls offer so much at an affordable price. Since they're part of the Freshwater family, they cost less than saltwater pearls.

The stark contrast between their price tags is because Freshwater pearls are easier to cultivate than saltwater ones.

That's also why Freshwater pearls are readily available in the market since they're harvested more than saltwater varieties like Golden South Sea pearls. 


The Bottom Line

Edison pearls are a complete package: a variety of beautiful, natural colors, perfectly round shapes, high luster, and surfaces with minimal to zero blemishes. Their affordability is the most significant selling point, making these pearls an instant hit. You can own a stunning strand of pearls without going bankrupt! 

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