How to Find the Best Products to Sell Online: 7 Effective Strategies

How to Find the Best Products to Sell Online: 7 Effective Strategies

Finding great products to sell online is a crucial part of starting your e-commerce store from scratch. This takes a lot of work. Vetting profitable, successful products can be challenging—and often seems impossible.

You will want to leverage tried and true marketing strategies to increase your odds of finding profitable trending products to sell online. Whether it's a single product or a full product line that occupies a niche in a market, these techniques will help.

In this post, we'll explore 7 strategies to help you find profitable products to sell online. Let's dive in!

Address a Customer’s Shortcomings

The most efficient way to find a product people want is to address a customer's unresolved issues. 

For example, if you are creating software for businesses, you can use your target audience's problems with their existing software as the basis for developing your own. Suppose the business needs help with its infrastructure and data security. In that case, you can create a software solution that automates its workflows and keeps its data safe from cyber-attacks.

Explore Trending Items on E-commerce Sites

When you're in the market for a new product, it can take time to know where to start.

You may want to sell unique or handmade goods or something already made that needs customized tweaks. Or maybe… you want to be more creative with your product choices but don't know where to begin.

We get it! It can be daunting when you first start a new business path. You can make it easier by exploring trending items on other e-commerce sites. Find inspiration by checking out what's popular and trending on other marketplaces. This will give you an idea of what your target market desires.

You can check Google trends or browse marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, and eBay. All you have to do is go through all the “Most Popular” or “Best Sellers” categories on these sites and find products to sell online. Or, you can use tools like “Niche Scraper” or “Sell the Trend” to find potential products for your online store!

Look for Products with Higher Margins

Products with a high margin are a necessity. They increase profits, ensuring your business has enough cash to survive and thrive.

It can be challenging to find high-margin items because most niches are already oversaturated. Additionally, higher margins generally translate into higher prices. Selling an expensive item presents more of a challenge than selling a less expensive one. 

An ideal path to get a high-profit margin product would be to contact wholesalers. Wholesale purchases are usually bulk orders, so you can get each product at a discounted rate. You may then sell it on your online store for a profit. 

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Start By Searching for Similar Products

If you want to market a particular product niche, look up similar or complementary items to get some direction. 

Sites like Amazon and AliExpress show what customers usually purchase with a particular product. For example, if someone is purchasing a baby feeding bottle, they may need a bottle cleaner, sterilizer, or an extra pair of nipples. Knowing this can give you insight into customer behavior and help you identify good selling opportunities.

Capitalize on Emerging Trends

You must keep up with market trends most relevant to you to develop innovative strategies and remain competitive. When you take advantage of new trends emerging, you can capture the expanding market that a new trend can create and profit from. 

Finding trends early on is vital when they are still hidden from the public and mainstream media. Hence, you can capitalize on them and reap high profits. It can already be too late once something becomes a trend among the general public.

Consider Your Interest and Expertise

It can be thrilling to establish a product strategy. You can direct your team to develop items that customers like and be in charge of the overall success of a product.

The finest product managers have one thing in common: they pick projects they believe in. It could be a love for the technology, resolving a challenging customer issue, or altering how users interact with products or services. Or, it might be a strong desire to seize a market and carry out a successful plan. 

Always Be On The Lookout

To gain the confidence and loyalty of your target audience, be mindful and stay 10 steps ahead of your competition.

Always remember the customer's needs and look out for new products or improve your existing ones to meet their requirements. 

Always keep an eye out for what the public is demanding because trends change. 

Parting Thoughts

Finding a product to sell and building a business around it is the biggest challenge for an ambitious business entrepreneur. What you decide to sell can affect many aspects of your business, including how you handle marketing and who you should be targeting. 

The best way to start building a successful eCommerce store is to know how to locate untapped opportunities and how to capitalize on emerging trends.

We hope this guide helps you quickly find which products to sell online!


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