What Is Rhodium Coating & Its Benefits - Explained

What Is Rhodium Coating & Its Benefits - Explained

Have you ever heard the term Rhodium coating? 

You may have encountered this word if you've browsed our store online and been confused about what it is and why you should care?

Let us tell you why!

What is Rhodium Coating?

There’s a lot of ambiguity around Rhodium; it’s often used in jewelry, and yet, nobody knows precisely what it is. 

Rhodium gives rings, necklaces, and earrings a shiny white finish. It's done to make jewelry more eye-catching. 

However, that’s not all Rhodium Coating does... 

The Benefits of Rhodium Coating

There are lots of benefits of this coating on jewelry! Let’s explore them in this blog post.

1. Scratch and Dent Resistant

Rhodium is harder than gold, silver, and many other metals, making it durable and long-lasting. 

This protects the jewelry from scratches, dents, and other signs of wear and tear. This means you get to keep your favorite bling longer instead of replacing them every few months!

2. Rust and Tarnish Resistant 

Tarnishing is one of the most common issues jewelry owners face.

Rhodium coating helps protect your jewelry from tarnishing and turning green without any difficult or time-consuming cleaning rituals. 

Note: while our jewelry is quite durable and long-lasting, we highly recommend you keep it away from water and products like moisturizers and lotions! All the Rhodium in the world won't protect the jewelry from poor jewelry care. 

3. Sparkling Polish Finish 

Want to add shiny jewelry that twinkles under light without breaking the bank? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Rhodium gives the jewelry a shiny, reflective surface similar to the mesmerizing shine of real platinum but at a fraction of the price. 

Want to know what the best part is? Our Rhodium coated jewelry is affordable, so you can buy lots of it and expand your collection!

4. Hypoallergenic 

The benefits of Rhodium coating don't just stop at its scratch and tarnish resistance. It's also safe to wear for those who have silver allergies.

Rhodium-coated jewelry is hypoallergenic and protects the wearer from allergic reactions by forming a layer between the skin and nickel (the material that causes allergies). 

5. Low Maintenance 

You might be busy in your day-to-day life and hardly get time to pamper yourself, let alone for jewelry maintenance. 

Luckily, Rhodium-coated jewelry is very low maintenance! It gives jewelry a smooth surface, making it easy to clean. 

Final Thoughts

Rhodium Coating is being increasingly used in jewelry due to its benefits, as highlighted in this blog post. However, it’s important to note that rhodium coating can wear off over time, especially when not cared for. 

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